Dino-Rabbit (Sept. 2012 Format)

About The Deck

A deck that has grown into prominence upon the release of Photon Shockwave, Dino-Rabbit made using normal monsters slightly more relevant.  Using Rescue Rabbit, recently downgraded from its initial rarity (Secret) to a Collectible Tin Super Rare, you’d search out two dinosaur Normal Monsters, usually Sabersaurus or Kabazauls, to XYZ summon into Evolzar Dolkka or Evolzar Laggia.

The deck also utilizes the Tour Guide engine to enable you to reuse Rescue Rabbit after you banish it for its cost to activate its effect. Tour Guide from the Underworld would search out an appropriate target (commonly another copy of itself, Sangan, or Night Assailant) and those two monsters would XYZ into Leviair the Sea Dragon whose effect can enable you to reuse Rescue Rabbit’s effect. This would then more than likely lead into another Evolzar XYZ monster. Certain builds of this deck also run Jurrac Guaiba, whose battle effect allows for easy Evolzar XYZ summons as well.

Another tech card some Dino-Rabbit builds use is Macro Cosmos. Dino-Rabbit is one of the few popular decks that won’t care too much about the Graveyard, so Macro Cosmos would not hinder the deck’s typical strategies, although the same may not be true about an opposing player’s strategy.

How To Beat It

Although the deck is difficult to stop if the opponent goes first, having Effect Veiler in your opening hand can help to leave them wide open when they try and use Rescue Rabbit’s effect on the first turn.  Using Bottomless Trap Hole when they use Rescue Rabbit’s effect to special summon two Level 4 Normal Monsters would remove the two monster from play, if those monsters had 1500 or more ATK points. Words of advice, if possible, try not allowing the opponent to have a stray level 4 dinosaur on the field, because if they draw into another level 4 dinosaur, they can immediately XYZ summon into the a rank 4 “Problem-4-You”.  This deck may be fast with summoning XYZ Monsters, but they have problems dealing with High Attack/Defense Monsters, so if you have one on the field, it’s a good idea to have it protected while preparing for a counter attack against your opponent.

Cards To Side

Certain cards to side against a typical build would include Skill Drain, Forbidden Chalice, Spirit      Reaper, Gozen Match, Summon Limit, Snowman Eater.

Skill Drain and Forbidden Chalice can be chained to the activations of either Evolzar XYZ, and barring a response from your opponent, these cards stop either effect cold.

Both Evolzar XYZ’s have strong effects but neither can deal with battle stallers such as Spirit Reaper by themselves, making Reaper and similar cards a good defense until you can draw an out.

Since multiple attributes are used in this deck, Gozen Match is a good way to keep a Dino-Rabbit at bay since they cannot complete their combos while this card is active. Summon Limit can also hinder the deck since a typical Evolzar XYZ takes 3 summons (Rabbit, the normal monsters, then the XYZ) but Summon Limit restricts a player to only 2 summons a turn.

And lastly, Snowman Eater is also a good option against this deck since its beefy 1900 DEF can defend against most threats normally ran in Dino-Rabbit; Snowman Eater’s effect can also take down Evolzar Laggia w/o too much trouble!