Agents (Sept. 2012 Format)

How It Works

Although this deck was extremely popular when it came out, the limitation of Agent of Mystery – Earth caused a dent in the deck, but now that it’s back to 2 per deck, the usage of Agents has risen again.  Though there are various builds of the deck, similarities show that the main cards in the deck are Agent of Mystery – Earth, Agent of Creation – Venus, Master Hyperion, Mystical Shine Ball, Archlord Kristya as well as various fairy support cards.

What makes the deck great?  Well, Earth is great for searching out cards to your hand, and Venus allows for a possible +3 Advantage of Mystical Shine Balls over the opponent, as well as a fast Rank 2 XYZ summon.  Master Hyperion is a boss monster that is easily special summoned, with the ability to destroy cards on your opponent’s field.  As usual, with most fairy decks, Archlord Kristya continues to be a staple in the deck, as well as Honest.

How To Beat It

Master Hyperion’s effect works when the duelist has fodder in the graveyard, so if you can remove those fodder using D.D. Crow or even Dimensional Fissure and such, the opponent won’t have much fodder for Hyperion, and will probably cause a huge problem for them to bring out their Archlord Kristya as well!  With the lack of monsters in the grave, as well as on the field, drawing Archlord Kristya or Master Hyperion would become dead-draws for your opponent.

Cards To Side

Certain cards to side against a typical Agent Deck would include Bottomless Trap Hole, Soul Taker, Effect Veiler, Thunder King Rai-Oh, and Maxx “C”.

The majority of the monsters used in Agents have more than 1500 ATK so Bottomless Trap Hole would be a good side deck card to slow down Agents, if it isn’t in your main deck already.

For threats that are already out on the field, Soul Taker is a great out to a problematic monster; Soul Taker does give your opponent 1000 Life Points but the trade-off may be worth it if it takes out a big threat like Archlord Kristya or Master Hyperion.

A lot of the deck’s power comes from its ability to search out cards as well as swarm the field quickly with overpowering fairies. Cards like Effect Veiler, Thunder King Rai-Oh, and Maxx “C” are useful in limiting a deck like Agents. Effect Veiler can stop key effects from going off, such as Earth, Venus, and Hyperion. Thunder King stops card searching altogether and it can also be used to stop an inherent Special Summon (such as Hyperion and Kristya). Maxx “C” is also a deterrent for an opponent since it allows you to a draw a card each time your opponent Special Summons; if there isn’t a game winning push, your opponent will be reluctant to continue to special summon if Maxx “C” is active.