About Yu-Gi-Oh… Now!

Our Origin

Yu-Gi-Oh… Now! is an extension of our initial advent of our YouTube channel: TeemTHE.

Little did we know then, on a group hangout on the night of November 19, 2009, that we would mark the official beginning of TeemTHE. On a random suggestion by one of our members, all of us decided to create a Yu-Gi-Oh! YouTube channel where each of us would contribute our knowledge and unique personalities on this channel.

And on November 20, 2009, the TeemTHE channel was born.

We quickly gained some notoriety for our rambunctious, eccentric, and even excessive pack openings but we have since added other content such as deck profiles, card discussions, sneak peek videos, tournament footage, as well as other unique videos. We have even earned the respect of other channels as trusted traders through the YouTube community.

Taking our unexpected success to a different level and medium, we decided to branch out into the blogging world to share our vast Yu-Gi-Oh! knowledge through articles, which would otherwise be difficult to do through YouTube videos. The TeemTHE channel is still a big part of us and will still be updated but we will also push forward with Yu-Gi-Oh… Now! to give you the best Yu-Gi-Oh! experience that will be hard to match elsewhere.

Considering that our origins started from a random impulse of creating a Yu-Gi-Oh! related channel, we have truly progressed a lot further than any of us would have expected and we do not intend to let up anytime soon. We hope you enjoy your stay at Yu-Gi-Oh… Now!

— TeemTHE

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