Yu-Gi-Oh! Regional Recap (12/22/12) @ LA Convention Center

Yu-Gi-Oh! Regional Recap For December 22nd, 2012
@ The Los Angeles Convention Center (Player’s Point of View)

Written by Ryan C. (aka VIDE0BOX of TeemTHE)

Dueling Room


Since the day of reckoning (predicted to be on December 21st, 2012 from the Mayan calendar) didn’t happen, many duelists from Southern California could shift their focus to regional that followed the day after. With that in mind, I decided to participate at this regional as a player, along with my TeemTHE teammate, PKMNmasterjuice. This was the first time I had competed at a regional in 8 months. The two of us were part of yet another record breaking regional of 724 players! The previous record was 714, which was set during the October regional.

More Of The Same

Just like the previous two Southern California Regionals, many people were turned away due to the large turnout of players wanting to compete. There may have been 724 participants but over 1000 people showed up to the event with the hopes of participating. Because of the cutoffs in past regionals, many hopeful participants have turned to cutting in line in the past just to give themselves a chance to enter. This time, however, the regional staff and judges used stamped registration slips to prevent people from cutting. Basically put, if a player didn’t have a stamped registration slip, they couldn’t enter, despite whatever excuse or reason they had. The move did work but it also caused another issue to arise, a black market for these stamped slips. Personally, I didn’t see this happen but I heard more than enough stories of people selling these slips for amounts of at least $30; and this was on top of paying the initial $20 to enter!

What Was Played And The Top 8

Much like the previous regional, the majority of the decks that saw play then also saw play at this regional. The only exception is that Atlantean/Mermails joined the fray of popular decks used. Since the previous YCS in Seattle, a few popular decks that have seen a decline in play included Inzektors, Six Samurai, Chaos Dragons, and Geargias (and their variants). From my own observations, the decks I saw a lot of included Dino-Rabbit, Wind-Ups, Agents, Dark Worlds, and Atlantean/Mermails. Other rogue decks I noticed included Prophecy/Spellbook, Madolche, Dragunity, and Chain Burn.

Los Angeles Regional Top 8

The Top 8 for this Regional were in this order:

1. (Pure) Machina
2. Chain Burn
3. Dino-Rabbit
4. Dino-Rabbit
5. Agents
6. Dino-Rabbit
7. Chaos Beatdown
8. Gustav Max/Electrum Loop Burn

How TeemTHE Did

If you are interested in how I or PKMNmasterjuice did at the regional, you can click on the link below!

Observations (And There Are A Lot!)

As someone who has judged and played in many regionals, I have never seen crowd extremities at this level before the start of the September 2012 format. It is my sincere hope that something can be done to circumvent these issues. But the change has to begin with the players. For you players, it is easy to point the finger at Konami or West Coast Gaming Events (WCGE) and blame them for how they’ve run these past few regionals; but at the same time, no one could’ve predicted such high turnouts especially when there were only turnouts of about 400-500 players before the format started. How would YOU handle trying to appease thousands of players when you are only prepared for roughly 600? Also..

A few things that many players don’t realize:

1. For any regional or YCS, Konami sets a fixed budget to hold these events. The tournament organizer uses this budget to book the room(s), hire security, and buy product for the entry packs, prizes, and judge/staff compensation. Konami does not make any money off these events.

2. Spacing to accommodate all the players does become costly; I may not know the exact pricing but I can easily say that booking 3 rooms at a convention center is not cheap, especially when there is a fixed budget.

3. Without a cap set, think about how much longer the regional would take if EVERYONE was allowed to enter. At 700 or so people entering, this past regional ended at roughly midnight; one can only imagine when a 1000+ player regional would finish.

Crowded Hallway

Another thing that has I feel has to be addressed is how messy a lot of the players are at these events. Many a time (as a player and as a judge) I’ve seen huge amounts of trash just left over on the tables and floors of the rooms and a lot of it is partially left over food/drink as well as Yu-Gi-Oh! packaging and sleeves. The convention center may not be your home but it does not excuse the fact that players time and time again leave their crap all over the place. And I’m pretty sure that the judges and convention center staff don’t like picking up all that trash.

I can’t prove nor disprove this but my theory behind why regionals in Southern California have become scarce is partly because the convention center staff can’t stand cleaning up the messes left behind by the mass of Yu-Gi-Oh! players. I know the rooms have to be scheduled in advance but through the eyes of convention center staff, what would you rather book, a business convention dinner affair OR a Yu-Gi-Oh! Regional that compromises any etiquette or fire hazard safety from crowded hallways? The convention center would get their money either way but I’m sure if they could avoid heavy duty cleanup, they would. If every participant would learn to clean up after themselves, it would go a long way towards helping the cause, which is to get everyone who wants to enter a regional their chance to do so.

Next Regional

The next regional is set to take place at the Anaheim Convention Center on March 23, 2013. As it stands now, I am looking to judge at this regional. If you happen to come across me, feel free to say hello!


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