Upcoming Regionals (12/22/12)

With the upcoming Regionals Tournament (12/22/2012), at the Los Angeles Convention Center, dawning upon us, TeemTHE was hoping to help our fellow duelists with a bit of TeemTHE Tips!  What makes us believe in our strategies so much?  That’s easy!

For the past several weeks, we have conducted several observations at many of the locals surrounding the LA region, visiting local tournament locations such as Card Rush in Garden Grove, Cardzilla in Torrance, Halo 13 in Burbank, All Ways Gaming in Chatsworth, Comic Odyssey of Pasadena, as well as Legacy Comics and Cards of Glendale and Toy Mandala of Sherman Oaks.  Of course, not to mention the ever-Yu-Gi-Oh infested swap meet, Frank and Son’s Collectible Show in the City of Industry.

What does this mean?  Well, over the past month, we’ve been collecting and compiling information regarding the type of decks to be expected at the 12/22 Regionals, as well as the most popular of their builds.  The following are some of the top decks to look out for, as well as possible ways of impeding their strengths.

Click on any of the Following Decks to read more about this year’s competition!

  1. Dino Rabbit
  2. Agents
  3. Wind-Ups

One thought on “Upcoming Regionals (12/22/12)

  1. Can anyone give me some legit info on this tourney? I really wanted to go but on the LACC’s website, they have nothing posted about this event and its only 5 days away. Do they provide COSSY ID? What’s the attendance cap? What time does it start? Is here a pre-sign in day? Anything/everything about the tourney I should know before entering please.

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