Abyss Rising Sneak Peek (November 3rd-4th)

Yu-Gi-Oh! Abyss Rising Sneak Peek


With the events/releases that have occurred during the past few months, more Yu-Gi-Oh! is introduced to us with an upcoming new set, Abyss Rising (ABYR). The weekend of November 3-4th gave duelists a chance to sneak preview cards from the set at their favorite local card shops. ABYR introduces new archetypes and gives support to previous existing themes. This set also enables duelists to use cards used by their favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal characters, such as Yuma Tsukumo and Shark. Some of the archetypes that will get support include the Madolche, Prophecy/Spellbook, and water decks in general. With the set focusing mainly on WATER attribute monsters, a new archetype is introduced; the Mermails. ABYR also gives an introduction to Heraldic Beasts, powerful monsters used by Vetrix (or Tron, in the Japanese version) in Zexal.

Locations and what you receive

Any official Konami Tournament Store is eligible to hold a sneak peek (you can see a list of eligible stores here). Each entrant receives 5 packs of ABYR as well as Ultra Rare promo Ignoble Knight of Black Laundsallyn! An entrant also has the chance to win an Abyss Rising sneak peek mat (pictured above) that are raffled off by the respective stores.

So what’s good in this set?

Since YCS Toronto, players have begun to take notice of the Elemental Lords (because of Jeff Jones’ 2nd place finish, utilizing Grandsoil the Elemental Lord). Abyss Rising introduces Moulinglacia the Elemental Lord, which allows a player to discard two of your opponent’s cards upon its summon! Like Grandsoil, Moulinglacia has a similar summoning condition with a game changing effect. Because of its fairly easy summoning condition and powerful effect this new Elemental Lord will find a good place in WATER attribute decks like Frogs (and its variants) and Fish-based decks but it has a decent mainstay with Mermails.

Mermails have been one of the more anticipated archetypes for a long while and it’s no surprise that duelists will be looking to collect and use some of the cards in this archetype. A lot of the traction Mermails have gained in the past few weeks attributes to the recent release of the Realm of the Sea Emperor structure deck. The cards from that structure deck combined with the Mermails gives a duelist a lot of combo potential since their effects work well with one another. The Mermail cards that people will be looking for the most include: Mermail Abyssmegalo, Mermail Abysslinde, Mermail Abysspike, and Abyss-Sphere.

Aside from obtaining WATER themed cards, other players focused on finding copies of The Grand Spellbook Tower, Queen Madolche Tiaramisu, and Forbidden Dress, among other cards. The Grand Spellbook Tower is the Field Spell for the Prophecy/Spellbook archetype that can give the deck a boost in draw power. Queen Madolche Tiaramisu is the first (and hopefully not the last!) XYZ monster for the Madolche archetype (introduced in Return of the Duelist). Tiaramisu gives the archetype a lead monster and an easy way to recycle your Madolche cards. Forbidden Dress is another sought after card, in the Forbidden series, which enables one monster an immunity from being targeted/destroyed by card effects at the cost of 600 ATK points.

Impact on the Game

Duelists may have gotten an early preview of some of the powerful cards in ABYR, but they will have to wait until November 9th to officially be allowed to use them competitively. The advent of Mermails and Atlanteans, as well as the new support for Madolche and Prophecy/Spellbook gives a new shake-up to an already diverse Meta of popular decks, such as Geargias, Wind-Ups, Dino-Rabbit, Dark Worlds, Heroes, as well as many others. The first chance these newly enhanced decks will get a chance to show what they’ve got will be in YCS Seattle, which will take place on November 16th-18th. With Abyss Rising waving in, will the tide turn and wash away the current YCS winning deck (Geargia-Karakuri) and shore a new champion?


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