Yu-Gi-Oh! Regional Recap (10/27/12) @ LA Convention Center

Yu-Gi-Oh! Regional Recap for October 27th, 2012
@ the Los Angeles Convention Center

Who would play on the escalator?


With the results of YCS Providence still fresh on the minds of many duelists, especially for those here in California, the recent Yu-Gi-Oh! Regional at the LA Convention Center proved to be an event for the ages. With many duelists inspired by YCS Providence winner Chris LeBlanc (who ran Karakuri-Geargias), a regional record 714 duelists were entered in this tournament trying to prove their own card playing prowess.

Over capacity and then some

Although the number of entered duelists may have been 714, the number of people who tried to enter far exceeded that amount. For anyone that remembered the occurrences of the Anaheim Regional (on September 8), many people were turned away because of the number of players overwhelmed the amount of space available. The LA Regional was no different. Like Anaheim, many duelists were turned away due to capacity issues.

Soooo many people!

Since the September 1st Forbidden/Limited list was enforced, a great deal of duelists have been inspired to play in these sanctioned events, which would explain the over population of the past two regionals; everyone is trying to be the best!

After all the chaos of registration and turning away the players who weren’t able to register, the regional was underway.

What decks were played?

For duelists trying to be the best, it’s more than common to see some of the best decks at these events. As expected, because of YCS Providence, Geargias and their variants (Karakuri, Machina, and/or Gadgets) were in overabundance since the archetype won the recent YCS. Other decks that were widely seen at this regional included Chaos Dragons (which utilize the cards from the Dragons Collide Structure Deck), Wind-Ups, Dino Rabbit (which combos Rescue Rabbit along with the likes of Evolzar Dolkka and Evolzar Laggia), Six Samurais, Dark Worlds, Agent Fairies, Elemental Heroes, and Chain Burn (which utilizes many trap cards chained upon each other to inflict Life Point damage).

Look at all the duelists!

Results of the Regional

The regional went on to go for 10 rounds of Swiss and ultimately the top 8 decks consisted of (in no particular order) 2 Geargia-Karakuri, 1 Geargia-Machina, 1 Machina-Gadget, 1 Chaos Stun, 1 Dino-Rabbit, 1 Wind-Up, and 1 Inzektor. The top 48 received an invite to the upcoming 2013 Yu-Gi-Oh! Nationals as well as a certain amount of Return of the Duelist booster packs, depending on what place they got. In addition to those prizes, the top 8 also received a Konami regional qualifier mat and the top 4 also received Yu-Gi-Oh! deck boxes.

Side Events

In addition to the main tournament, the regional also provide a few side events. The ones featured for this regional were Win-A-Mat and Dragon Duel. The Win-A-Mat pits a flight of 8 duelists against each other in a single elimination format where one winner wins an official Konami-made playmat. However, due to the increased attendance of this regional, the number of people per flight was increased to 16 duelists. The Dragon Duel acts as a mini-main event with 4-5 rounds of Swiss but all the competitors are ages 12 and under. The top 4 competitors of each Dragon Duel each received a Konami t-shirt as well as an invite to play at the 2013 Nationals.

Up Next

The next Southern California regional will also be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center on Saturday, December 22. If you missed out on this regional or just have the need to compete, you won’t want to miss this regional!

Mark your calendars!!!


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