New 2012 Collector Tins

Available: Tuesday, October 30, 2012

New Yugioh 2012 Collector Tins!

So, 2012 is coming to an end, and how does Konami celebrate?

With brand new tins!

This year alone, we received two Collector Tins already, the “Heroic Champion – Excalibur” tin and the “Evolzar Dolkka” tin.  To celebrate another year of exceptional sales, Konami is celebrating by releasing two more Collector Tins before the end of the year.  “Hieratic Sun Dragon Overlord of Heliopolis” is the promotional card in one tin, and as many of you are already experts on it, the other tin will feature “Ninja Grandmaster Hanzo.”

Hanzo/Heliopolis Tins

As usual, each of these tins contain a total of five booster packs, included in which are two Order of Chaos (ORCS) packs, two Galactic Overlord (GAOV) packs and one Photon Shockwave (PHSW) pack.

Down To Business

“Hieratic Sun Dragon Overload of Heliopolis” Collector Tin

The much awaited “Hieratic Sun Dragon Overlord of Heliopolis” is making its second entrance into the Yu-Gi-Oh! world as a reprinted Secret Rare Promo XYZ Card for all of you “Hieratic” Deck users.  Also in this tin, is another extremely beautiful XYZ card known as “Leviair the Sea Dragon” which, as you may know, many people wanted, but never really had the chance to get it.  Well, wait no more, because it’s guaranteed to come out as a super rare card in this tin.  Both of these cards were doing okay on the market, peaking around the 25-30 Dollar Ranges, and now reducing to both being in a $20 collector tin.  Not a bad buy, I must say.

Also in this tin, is the Synchro Monster known as “X-Saber Souza.”  At it’s peak, it was probably about 5-6 dollars at most, but Konami felt as though it deserves more face time, so it’s now a super rare card that we will receive from this tin.  Fact: Those of you reading this in the European Countries (you know who you are), it’s finally legal for you to use “X-Saber Souza” because of the lack of Shonen Jump in your province.  With the release of these tins worldwide, you can actually start playing and experiencing their powers legally in your country.  The same goes for “Malefic Truth Dragon“.  Although duelists rarely see “Malefics” at tournaments, Konami is hoping that with the release of this usually $5 card, that duelists will start to notice it’s potential.  Though arguably, if there is any potential, you can be the judge of that.

Lastly, the very expensive “Rescue Rabbit” is present in both the “Hieratic” and the “Hanzo” tin.  At its $100 peak, this card has single-handedly been on the minds of many for its ability to be a potential one-card XYZ monster.  With an amazing ability to banish itself in exchange for two-same-level normal monster, this little furry beast can turn into a “Number 39: Utopia” in a matter of seconds!  Now, with the release of these tins, you yourself can very well abuse this power too!

“Ninja Grandmaster Hanzo” Collector Tin

This is the gem of our year!  The “Ninja Grandmaster Hanzo” Collector Tin allows for all of us to be playing on a similar level, rather than allowing the higher-income people to dominate the game.  Why?  For a rough price of $20 plus tax at your local Yu-Gi-Oh! retailer, such as Toys ‘R Us and Target, and for Southern California Residents, Frank and Sons, you can now own the following extremely expensive cards and their massive abilities!

First off, the cover card is “Ninja Grandmaster Hanzo.”  At its peak, it was roughly $16 or so, but buying this tin now really pays for itself.  Hanzo makes a great addition to any “Ninjitsu Art” or “Ninja” deck, and now as a secret rare, you may be seeing used more in competitions.

The Ever Expensive “Tour Guide from the Underworld” is also released in this tin, probably causing its original counterpart to depreciate in value.  However, for those of you who wanted it, but didn’t want to spend several hundred dollars, this card is now a super rare in the Hanzo tin, so now you and I could utilize its powers without the use of $200.  Go us!

Maxx “C”’ is a great card for when you want to abuse your opponents special summoning abilities, allowing you to draw a card every time your opponent special summons, this usually $80 card is also included in this set, offering its amazing abilities to be used by all who buy this tin.

As opposed to the “Heliopolis” tin, the “Hanzo” tin has one XYZ card, known as “Number 16: Shock Master.”  What used to be an $80 card, has now been reduced to being in a $20 tin, but the massive effects are still the same.  Although it needs three Level 4 monsters for the XYZ summon, it can assist you by preventing certain effects from happening for two turns!

In Conclusion

After all of the hype of buying Tour Guide from the Underworld, Maxx “C”, and even “Rescue Rabbit,” they’re now available at your fingertips, in the last of the 2012 Collector Tins.  Available on Tuesday, October 30, 2012, stop by your nearest Target, Toys ‘R Us or any other store that vends Yu-Gi-Oh! tins, and pick up a tin to advance your deck and enhance your playing style!


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